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Chair Sensor Pad

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Project Description

  • This high quality Chair Sensor Pad and Alarm Unit will let you know when your patient is getting up from their chair.

  • The sensor pad, which is made of a soft vinyl (incontinence protected) with an interior layer of foam for added comfort. From the back of the pad, extends a cord which is plugged into the alarm monitor which can be attached to the chair using the velcro strap or placed nearby in a convenient location. When the patient takes their weight from the pad, the alarm starts to sound, alerting the Carer that they need assistance.

  • The alarm monitor features volume control and tone options, and an easy reset button, positioned on the front of the alarm monitor, so that when you reach your patient, you simply press the reset to silence the alarm.

  • Alternatively, if the patient sits back onto the pad, the alarm will silence and reset ready to operate the next time they try to stand.

  • This is a great product to use when you are caring for someone who shouldn’t stand without assistance, and is particularly helpful when caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia.

  • Batteries for this alarm are not included.

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